CLIA Welcomes European Maritime Safety Agency Guidance On Resumption Of Cruise Ship Operations

Cruise Lines International Association - CLIA (logo)CLIA and its member lines welcome publication of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) guidance on resumption of cruise ship operations in the European Union.

The EMSA guidance provides recommendations relating to the development of ship and port management plans, and the interaction between cruise operations and ports and terminals.

Co-authored with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the EMSA guidance follows the recent publication of EU Healthy Gateways guidance on the resumption of cruise ship operations. Viewed in tandem, these guidance documents aim to establish a pan-European benchmark for national maritime transport and public health authorities for the future resumption of cruising in Europe.

CLIA and its member lines have been engaged in the development of the guidance, which will help to inform the development of protocols at the national level. CLIA member lines are also identifying appropriate protocols, based on evolving guidance from health authorities and medical experts, that cover passengers from the time of booking their cruise, to the holiday itself and their safe return home.

Speaking on behalf of CLIA Europe, Tom Boardley, Secretary-General stated “This guidance from the European Maritime Safety Agency is an important resource for authorities and operators focused on the safe resumption of cruising in Europe.”

CLIA members envisage that there will be a gradual, phased-in approach to resumption of operations. The commitment of CLIA and its member lines to health and safety is unwavering, and the combination of European guidance, national regulatory measures, cruise lines’ protocols, and port and terminal protocols will offer multi-layered levels of trust for passengers and crew.



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