Costa Cruises Launches A New Campaign Focusing On The Sea Viewed From A Unique Perspective

Costa Cruises’ New Campaign (BrandNews)

Costa Cruises has returned cruising in the Mediterranean with itineraries to discover Italy for a holiday in complete safety, thanks to the definition of new health protocols that guarantee the highest safety standards for guests, crews and destination communities.

And since yesterday Costa has also returned to communication with a campaign based on a new promotional offer revolving around the sea.

The concept underlying the campaign, featuring a short film that is already airing in Italy and Spain with the company’s other main European markets set to follow shortly, is the way that people of all ages are inevitably drawn to the sea, to the extent that we all look for that special vantage point for admiring it.

Costa Cruises is able to not only to let us admire the sea, but enjoy it together with the people we love most, with a holiday in total serenity, thanks to the cabins with balconies overlooking the sea available on its ships. This concept is summed up in the copy: “It’s in your nature to seek the sea. It’s in Costa’s nature to bring it to you.”

This is the perfect time to seize the opportunity, because with Costa’s promotional offer until the end of November guests can book a balcony cabin at a special price with cancelation free of charge. This promotional offer is effective for both 2020 and 2021 departures.

“We have chosen to propose a simple campaign that can touch people, because it is based on a strong insight, the search for the sea, which finds its answer in a Costa cruise, where you can experience the sea safely from a unique perspective: a cabin with private balcony”, commented Francesco Muglia, Costa Cruises Vice President Global Marketing.

The new campaign was produced by the DUDE:Milano agency, while the short film is directed by Ago Panini. The media planning of the new advertising, by Mindshare agency, will involve various touchpoints, using a mix of different media. In Italy, France and Spain it will be screened on national TV networks and also shown on the main digital and social platforms, while in Germany, Austria and Switzerland it will only be online.

(Costa Cruises)


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