A-ROSA River Cruises donates food to charity following the suspension of its cruises until 30 November 2020

A-Rosa Cruises (Logo)A-ROSA River Cruises has donated all the unused perishable goods from its Rhine ships to a charity in Cologne, following the suspension of its cruises until 30 November 2020.

Following the German Federal Government restrictions pausing all organised leisure travel within Germany for one month, A-ROSA’s ships on the Rhine had a lot of fresh food on board. A-ROSA contacted Cologne Tafel, a charity that distributes food to those in need throughout the city, to see if they would like the produce. The charity were delighted to accept the donation, and their volunteers collected the goods with the help of the crew only a few hours later.

Jörg Eichler, CEO of A-ROSA River Cruises commented: “We fully support the government’s measures aimed at reducing infection rates and wanted to ensure that despite the sudden nature with which we had to stop our cruises, the food on board our ships did not go to waste. Cologne Tafel is a well known charity in our Rhine fleet’s home port city of Cologne that supports the local community and we were really pleased that we were able to give something back to those in need in these challenging times.”

(A-ROSA River Cruises)


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