Roenne, Denmark, looks at what further changes might be needed

Niels Lundberg, chief business officer cruise & PSO Port of Roenne, found the Bermello Ajamil’s webinar very useful: “The Covid worldwide status, implementing of protocols, bubbles, destination & excursions planning etc were all very interesting topics and useful tools to our restart preparation for cruising.”

Some changes have already taken place at the port. During the summer the welcome area was moved to a new place where it is relatively easy to separate guests into different directions: tour buses, shuttle buses and independent guests (walking, taxis etc).

Following the webinar, Lundberg commented: “We have to find the most safe way to handle the transit guest from the ship to the welcome area (buses etc), handling the welcome area, implementing the local protocol and cruiselines’ protocols together with local authorities, cruiselines, agents, incoming and local stakeholders etc.”

“As I now see it, we then have to invest more in a safe transit (walking) for our guests from the ship to our welcome area.”

While Lundberg does not see the changes as being too challenging from the port side, he can see a challenge from the destination side: “If we have to operate smaller groups of guests, do we have enough guides, buses etc?”

This year Roenne has only received two technical calls from TUI Cruises but is expecting 60-plus cruise calls in 2021.

(Cruise Europe, Port of Roenne)


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