CroisiEurope to offer A Private Cruise For Your Family and Friends …

Canal barge cruises in France

CroisiEurope operates 6 Canal Barges which offer intimate cruises through distinct French Regions. Holding at most 22 passengers, they are a perfect option for small family or friend groups, looking for a unique and private trip.

Each cruise explores charming cities, quaint villages, and idyllic landscapes. Cruise in Burgundy, Champagne, the Alsace, the Loire Valley, or Provence – on a private vessel. French Cuisine and Fine French Wines are paired by CroisiEurope’s Gourmet Chef. Excursions daily are included.

Canal cruising is the ideal way to explore France at a leisurely pace. Excursions will bring you to taste local flavors, see how French wine goes from vine to table, partake in local customs, and learn about the history of each region. When not on a tour, relax in the hot tub on the outdoor terrace, or take a bicycle for a ride down the canal path.

Chartering one of these small ships is an excellent opportunity to travel with close friends and family, in a uniquely private hotel barge. Or, join one of our scheduled sailings, and meet like-minded travelers for a journey through France.



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