Sea Cloud Spirit Sailing: delivered at Metalships & Docks Shipyard in Spain

Sea Cloud Spirit Sailing

The new 136-passenger “Sea Cloud Spirit” has reached another construction milestone as it has been delivered from the Vigo, Spain shipyard.

The “Sea Cloud Spirit” is built as a three-mast full-rigged ship. A tallship is called a full-rigged ship when it has at least three masts with complete square rigging.

The 136-passenger Sea Cloud Spirit that combines traditional windjammer experience with the feel-good factor of the 21st century for up to 136 passengers, will be the third ship in the Sea Cloud Cruises fleet, joining four-masted flagship Sea Cloud, built in 1931, and the Sea Cloud II, which entered service in 2001.

The new ship will spend the fall in the Western Mediterranean and the upcoming winter season in the Canary Islands.

(Metalships & Docks, Sea Cloud Cruises)


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