Ponant unveils its itineraries for the Winter 2022-2023 season

Le Dumont d'Urville (Courtesy Studio PONANT - Frédéric Michel)The reference for Voyage at sea aboard cruise yachts, PONANT unveils its itineraries for the Winter 2022-2023 season.

Operating one of the youngest fleets of small capacity eco-design ships in the world and partnering local people, for over 30 years the company has honed its approach to responsible travel and sustainable tourism.

Some 40 itineraries and over 100 sailings have been designed criss-crossing Antarctica, Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, the Pacific and Oceania. Now that the yearning to travel to far off places can be fulfilled, all that remains is to choose between a yacht cruise, polar expedition or tropical expedition.

Explore Antarctica
A mythical land that fascinated great explorers in the past, the White Continent still holds sway over the imaginations and curiosity of people today. A polar expert that has been sailing to these regions for more than two decades, PONANT combines its ice navigation expertise and the passion of its naturalist-guides to offer exceptional expeditions. Highlights include contemplating breathtakingly beautiful scenery, marvelling at the extraordinary wildlife – humpback whales, gentoo, king, Adelie and chinstrap penguins, leopard, crabeater and Weddell seals, and seabirds too numerous to list – Zodiac® landings, kayaking outings supervised by state-qualified kayaking guides, talks on fauna, history, geopolitics, the great explorers and environment, as well as hiking and visits to scientific bases and former whaling stations.

Focus on “Emblematic Antarctica” cruise
PONANT has a polar expedition cruise to Antarctica. An unforgettable 11-day voyage to explore the stunning vistas of an ice-locked world and meet its extraordinary wildlife.
Ushuaia – Ushuaia, 12 sailings from December 2022 to February 2023, 11 days – 10 nights
From €8,400

Recharge your batteries in the Caribbean
Attention all those who love winter sunshine! With their picture postcard scenery, Caribbean islands are what every traveller dreams of who is in search of lazy days basking in warm temperatures and making new discoveries. From the French Antilles to the Grenadines via the Dominican Republic, PONANT has honed a range of itineraries where snorkelling, hiking, relaxing by crystal- clear waters and visits to nature sites abound.

Focus on “The Essential of the Caribbean” cruise
A 13-day cruise into the heart of crystal-clear waters and heavenly islands of the Antilles await. This is the opportunity to discover the delights of 10 islands on one cruise: Martinique, St Kitts, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Saint Barthelemy, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Saint Lucia. A chance to explore the underwater world with every possibility of seeing turtles, barracudas, rock lobsters and parrot fish on scuba dives with experienced instructors.
Fort-de-France – Fort-de-France, four sailings from November 2022 to February 2023, 13 days – 12 nights From €4, 610

Roam Latin America
Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Chilean fjords, Panama and beyond – Latin America is as vast as it is diverse, offering as many unique experiences as countries visited. The continent more than satisfies history buffs, delights those passionate about nature and enchants travellers in search of relaxation. Approaching it from the sea reveals the wealth of treasures this multi-facetted continent has to offer, from idyllic beaches to pre-Columbian sites.

Travel through Asia
Asia is undeniably the continent of a thousand faces: wild landscapes, teeming urban centres, snow-capped peaks, paradise islands, century-old temples, futuristic skyscrapers, thousand-year-old customs and ultra-modern lifestyles. Indeed throughout history, many influences have shaped countries which are all very different from each other. And what better way to explore it than by sea, to discover Vietnamese shores, Indonesia’s myriad archipelagos or Singapore?

Discover all facets of the Persian Gulf
The Persian Gulf is often associated with the towering skyscrapers of Dubai, and yet its traditions and cultures which go back thousands of years are also well worth a detour. The Emirates are steeped in treasures testifying to human ingenuity, as well as the wonders of nature. Guests will discover a wide variety of urban and nature activities, from futuristic excess to authentic traditions and vast deserts of sand dunes. The programme includes the charming little port of Sour, Khasab the gateway to sublime “Arabian fjords”, the Gulf of Oman, Waqif Souk in the heart of Doha’s old city, the Sir Bani Yas Island nature reserve, Abu Dhabi’s new Louvre Museum and the monumental Grand Mosque, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Marvel at the riches of the Indian Ocean
Choosing a destination like the Indian Ocean is to opt for vast open seas, cultures shaped by multiple influences and a complete change of scenery. From the Seychelles to Madagascar via Réunion island, Mauritius, Tanzania, India and Sri Lanka, whichever route guests choose, surprises and new discoveries await them.

Focus on the “Secret Seychelles Islands” cruise
Embark on an expedition cruise to explore the most beautiful islands in the Seychelles. This 13-day circuit is an opportunity to discover less-frequented more remote places of breathtaking natural beauty and endemic fauna and flora. The programme includes scuba diving and snorkelling on the sublime coral reefs of the Alphonse and Poivre atolls, as well as Assumption Island.
Mahé – Mahé, five sailings from December 2022 to April 2023, 13 days – 12 nights From €5,310

Meet the people of the Pacific and Oceania
Their names conjure up a Garden of Eden: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands. Oceania and the South Pacific abound with islands and pristine territories which remain faithful to their culture and where the local people create moments of intense emotion for guests. Landings on idyllic islands in French Polynesia or New Caledonia are also an opportunity to admire some of the most spectacular seabeds in the world during scuba diving and snorkelling outings.



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