Albatros Expeditions – A Voyage Of A Lifetime To Antarctica – Up To 20% Off For Maiden 2021/22 Season Of Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory (March 2021)Albatros Travel Group – the Scandinavian travel and expedition company with a global wingspan. Founded Copenhagen 1986 and covering the polar regions with three expedition ships : Ocean Victory, Ocean Atlantic and Ocean Albatros.

Up to 20 % off for the 2021-2022 season. Your dream expedition voyage is just a short phone call away.You’ll be sailing on the brand new expedition ship Ocean Victory and should you choose to embark on the 17 November 2021 you will be among the lucky few to sail on her maiden voyage.

Expedition Cruise Dates for Ocean Victory :

1) 17 November 2021 -South Shetland Islands and Antarctica Peninsula – 9 Nights ,from $ 6.450 p/p

2) 10 December 2021 -South Shetland Islands and Antarctica Peninsula – 9 Nights from $ 6.450 p/p .

3) 19 December 2021 – Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctica Peninsula – 18 Nights from $ 11.250 p/p .

4) 21 February 2022 – South Shetland and Antarctica Peninsula – 9 Nights from $ 7.450 p/p .

5) 2 March 2022 – Falklands ,South Georgia and Antarctica Peninsula – 18 Nights from $ 11.250 p/p.

For details,please contact The Cruise People in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or on our North American toll free line at 1-800-516-6950, or email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Please note that Albatros Expeditions requires full vaccinations of all guests,staff and crew -without exceptions – in line with IAATO recommendations. Other Albatros expedition cruises are also available in the Arctic, South America and Europe.

(The Cruise People Ltd)


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