SunStone/Aurora Expeditions’ “Sylvia Earle” Completed Sea Trials The Fourth Week Of October 2021

SunStone/Aurora Expeditions' Sylvia Earle Completed Sea Trials The Fourth Week Of October 2021 (November 2021)SunStone Ships, the largest tonnage provider in the expedition market, announced the successful Sea Trials of their fourth INFINITY-Class vessels.

On October 17, 2021, Sea Trials began on “Sylvia Earle”. Sea Trials consisted of five days of intense testing of the vessel’s systems while underway in the south China Sea.

Over 150 people were onboard during the Trials from the Shipyard, Bureau Veritas (Class society), Managers Crew (CMI), and SunStone Marine Advisors (Owners Site Team). The vessel completed successful Sea Trials to high satisfaction.

Current INFINITY Class new-builds underway after the delivery of the GREG MORTIMER, the OCEAN EXPLORER and the OCEAN VICTORY are; the SYLVIA EARLE, the OCEAN ODYSSEY, the OCEAN ALBATROS and the OCEAN DISCOVERER. All vessels ordered have long-term charter agreements in place.

(SunStone Ships, Inc., Aurora Expeditions)


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