Kristiansund, Norway, works on environmental plan

Queen Victoria berthing directly in the town centre of Kristiansund in 2018 (c) Per KvalvikKristiansund is working on a new environmental plan for the port, explained Erika Indergaard, marketing manager Port of Kristiansund & Nordmore.

“Vessels using LNG to power production on board during the stay can already apply for a discount, and we also grant a discount for vessels registered in the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) with a total score of 50 points or more. Implementation of EPI is a possible action point in order to encourage greener ships to visit us, but a decision has not yet been made,” she said.

In August this year, the port welcomed World Voyager twice, the first calls since March 2020. During the autumn and winter, Hurtigruten Expeditions has been visiting every second week. Total calls in 2021 are expected to be 17.

The prognosis for 2022 is looking good with an increase both in number of calls and number of passengers. With 50 calls scheduled, Indergaard commented: “We are still a less visited destination, without crowding and where the guests can feel really welcomed by the local community.”

Kristiansund is suited to small and medium sized ships up to 300m. The two cruiseship quays are located in the town centre within easy reach of attractions, activities and shopping.

Storkaia is the longest at 300m and can accommodate ships up to 300m, while Devoldholmen is has a length of 205m and can accommodate ships up to 220m. “Kristiansund is quite a small town so in terms of number of passengers, the ideal is up to 2,500, but we also handle ships with 4000 passengers every now and then.”

For small cruiseships and expedition sailings, Smola island, north of Kristiansund, is a good alternative. Cruiseships up to 195m can anchor close to the tender pier and bring the passengers to the island, where activities such as sea eagle safari, old fishing villages and hiking in the prairie-liked landscape are possible.

(Port of Kristiansund & Nordmore, Cruise Europe)


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