Vodohod announces new destination for 2022 – Lake Baikal

Vodohod (Logo)Being the largest river cruise operator in Russia, Vodohod continues to add new exciting itineraries to already existing Volga River and Yenisey River cruises and proudly presents a new destination off the beaten tracks – exclusive immersive tours to Lake Baikal, adding a modern hovercraft Biryusa to its product line-up for 2022.

Vodohod is always on the lookout for unique destinations to bring the vessels into and for the best possible travel experience for the guests.

Starting from February 2022, small groups of our guests will have an extraordinary opportunity to explore the Siberian Riviera and the pearl of the Russian Taiga – Lake Baikal.

Guests will be travelling on a hovercraft Biryusa built specially for Vodohod. This 28-seat vessel clearly responds to the desires of those who tend to choose an active vacation and want to visit more sites in a short time. The hovercraft has everything to make a trip comfortable: reclining seats, screens, WC and a space for luggage storage. Double-glazing will provide additional noise and heat insulation.

This unique vessel is equipped with modern navigation facilities and can reach the speed of 50 km/h on smooth water and 60 km/h on ice. The height of the air cushion of 0.9 m helps to navigate over obstacles, traverse land, ice or water, and to access the most picturesque spots along the itinerary that cannot be reached by bus or ship. Not to mention that traveling along the shores of Lake Baikal on a hovercraft is one of the most spectacular ways to take in the stunning coastline and enjoy the beauty of the sacred places.

One of the hallmarks of Baikal tours is the diversity in cultures. Our guests begin their unforgettable adventure in one of the only big cities along the route – Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude. The capital of Buryatia – Ulan-Ude, is located on a scenic plateau surrounded by wooded hills. Here guests will visit the Steppe Nomad ethno-complex, the residence of the head of Buddhists of Russia – Ivolginsky datsan, and one of the largest Old Believers’ settlements – Tarbagatai. Irkutsk will pleasantly surprise guests with its greatness and wealth of the merchant Siberian city. In the open-air museum complex Taltsy, guests will get acquainted with the culture of the local peoples: Russians, Buryats, Evenks and Tofalars. In both cases, excursion programme includes almost thirty locations, ensuring a full immersion.

Vodohod offers summer and winter Baikal tours. In winter, nature lovers will be able to experience such enjoyable moments of the trip as ice caves, frozen methane bubbles in the ice, ice-skating and traditional ceremony – so-called Baikal kiss. In summer, guests will definitely gain fascinating insight on the flora and fauna of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Summer programme includes hot springs and watching Baikal seals, which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Vodohod made sure that guests could enjoy Baikal tours without worrying about extra payments. The price of the tours already includes accommodation in the hotels and recreation centers, three meals a day and even lunch in a yurt on the ice, transfers on a comfortable hovercraft, a rich excursion programme, entrance tickets to the museums, an experienced local guide, and transfers from/to the airport. Vodohod not only enlarges the range of destinations, but also enriches guests with new unforgettable experience full of once-in-a-lifetime moments!

About Vodohod
Vodohod is the largest river cruise company in Russia providing the full range of service: development of travel routes, transportation, catering, excursions and entertainment. Our staff is thoroughly selected and professionally trained to make the cruise experience of our Guests truly enjoyable, enriching and unforgettable. For 17 years Vodohod has brought about 90 destinations to the market, both in the European part of Russia and in Siberia.

A team of over 2000 people takes care of guests, helping to discover the many wonders of Russia. Across the fleet of 26 ships (12 ships are dedicated to international guests), ranging from 3 to 5 stars Vodohod prides itself on offering an authentic Russian experience both onboard and on shore.



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