Plancius first back to the Falklands

Port Stanley, capital of the Falkland IslandsWhen Oceanwide Expeditions vessel Plancius ports in Stanley this Friday, she will be the first cruise ship to visit the Falklands since the islands reopened its ports to tourism.

Plancius will dock in Stanley on December 10th with its full occupancy of 108 passengers, after which guests will be free to explore the town and nearby areas before continuing on their voyage.

This is a happy event long anticipated by all parties, though strict COVID-19 measures will remain intact both in the Falklands and on Plancius. All Oceanwide staff and passengers were vaccinated and required to take several tests both before and during their cruise, which will be 17 days into its 19-night total by the time Plancius reaches Stanley.

Plancius also underwent extensive upgrades prior to the voyage: Pathogen-killing UV filtration for HVAC systems, fever-detecting thermal cameras for common areas, and dedicated quarantine cabins with independent air vents are just some of the many safety measures Oceanwide has taken.

Stanley businesses have likewise developed additional protocols. These include but are not limited to enhanced cleaning routines, contactless payment, and self-declaration forms, efforts that have earned the islands the approval of the World Travel & Tourism Council.

In short, both Oceanwide guests and Falklands residents will be in good hands when Plancius ports in Stanley, leading the way for all polar operators returning to the sub-Antarctic.

(Oceanwide Expeditions)


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