Climate research and conservation projects receive funding boost from Hurtigruten Foundation

Hurtigruten (logo)Seven climate and conservation-focused projects around the world are to receive funding from the Hurtigruten Foundation. The Foundation continues its commitment to support organizations and projects in the local communities around the world where Hurtigruten Group’s portfolio of businesses operate.

In the latest round of grants, the Foundation is supporting seven organizations with a total of 500,000NOK (approximately $50,000) in funding. These organizations have projects that represent a broad geographic diversity as well as a variety of causes including wildlife conservation and climate change research.

“We were overwhelmed by the great number of worthy applications we received in this round of grants and are honored to support these seven projects across the globe. We believe the selected projects all have the potential for real and lasting impact in key areas for protecting wildlife, advancing climate research in the Arctic, and supporting educational programs for children,” said Henrik Lund, Managing Director of Hurtigruten Foundation.

This years’ recipients of funding from the Hurtigruten Foundation are as follows:

● The Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco in Ecuadorfor its work on the critically endangered petrel bird on the Galapagos Islands.
● Universidad de los Andes for their Citizen Science Initiative on Marine Mammal Conservation in Antarctica.
● Oceans Initiative in the U.S for their Southern Resident Killer Whale Conservation in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S and Canada.
● The Municipality of Cambridge Bay in Canada for their interactive audio app, Itqaumavit (A Place of Memories) Welcome Park.
● Ushuaia te abraza for their children’s education project to learn more about our environment and birds in Argentina.
● Friends of the North Cape (Honningsvåg Turn og Idrettsforening & Nordkapptrappas venner Steps) for the construction of the North Cape Steps on Storfjellet, Norway.
● Maria Rossi on Svalbardwill receive funding for her book, On Thin Ice, which investigates climate research in the Arctic.

More information on all grant recipients can be found at

The Hurtigruten Foundation offers our guests the opportunity to give back to the beautiful places they explore with us. Guests donate directly to the Foundation during their voyage, through onboard auctions and by participating in the Green Stays program. 100% of the funds raised to the Foundation goes to charitable causes.



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