Jon Olav Stedje from Flam becomes ambassador for Environmental Port Index (EPI)

Jon Olav Stedje from Flam becomes ambassador for Environmental Port Index (EPI) (December 2021)The Norwegian-based company, Environmental Port Index (EPI), is aiming for international expansion.

With this in mind, Jon Olav Stedje (port operations manager Port of Flam) has been appointed as an ambassador to represent EPI to a broader market.

Developed by several Norwegian ports and supported by DNV, EPI is a simple-to-use reporting tool.

By aligning the operational and environmental benefits of following best practice sustainability at port, the EPI empowers ships and ports to ensure a better future for their individual businesses, as well as the shared industry, societies, and planet.

EPI is already established in 16 Norwegian cruise ports and the aim now is to develop across borders and to other segments of the maritime industry.

The EPI solution enables ports to collect environmental accounting reports from visiting ships. The data is made available in an online portal showing details per ship as well as aggregated environmental data for all ship calls. This process is supported by DNV.

One of the outputs from the EPI portal is an EPI score per port call, giving an indicator of the ship’s environmental performance while at quay. The EPI score may be linked to an incentive system: honouring good performers and increasing the cost for persistent polluters.

For the ship owner, the online reporting tool gives an overview of all port visits, a good environmental accounting report and a good understanding of how each ship performs. It will in general be beneficial for ship owners to report in order to receive benefit from the incentive system.

Stedje says: “The cruise industry is my passion and to be a part of how we can reduce the emissions and develop the industry is a privilege. Hopefully, with me onboard, the company will develop and expand to be a solution for many ports around the globe.”

(Environmental Port Index – EPI, Cruise Europe, Flåm Port)


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