AIDA Cruise & Help: 25 Schools for the 25th AIDA Anniversary Year

AIDA Cruises (Logo)Silay City and San Carlos in the Philippines, Linganeniddodi and Rollapadu in India, and Wadinagala in Sri Lanka – thanks to the great commitment of AIDA guests and crew, the people of these villages will soon be able to look forward to new, urgently needed school buildings.

The AIDA Cruise & Help initiative has thus been able to finance a further five projects since the 25th AIDA anniversary and a total of 25 school projects worldwide.

The third and fourth schools in the Philippines are now being built in Silay City and San Carlos. With the latest construction projects in Linganeniddodi and Rollapadu, the AIDA family even counts seven aid projects in India. The school in Wadinagala marks the beginning of AIDA Cruise & Help’s engagement in Sri Lanka as well.

On the occasion of the festive season and the turn of the year, AIDA guests traditionally have the opportunity to participate in charitable raffle campaigns during their voyage on board the AIDA fleet. In this way, they can have a chance to win attractive prizes and at the same time support a good cause.

AIDA Cruise & Help has been bundling all of AIDA Cruises’ charitable projects under one roof since 2019. In cooperation with the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP, the initiative is committed to improving educational opportunities in emerging and developing countries and thus to sustainably improving the future prospects of children and young people in the poorest parts of the world.

More information on AIDA Cruise & Help’s commitment and details on how to donate are available online at

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