A-ROSA announces further details of A-ROSA SENA’s sustainability credentials. The first river cruise ship in Europe to generate electricity from exhaust heat

A-Rosa Cruises' E-Motion ship (Artist impression, May 2019)A-ROSA River Cruises has announced further details of the sustainability credentials of its new E-Motion ship A-ROSA SENA, which launches on the northern Rhine in May 2022.

The range of technology features on board, which have been developed in partnership with the Concordia Damen shipyard, includes the ability to manage energy consumption in a highly efficient way and keep emissions to a minimum, making her the most climate-friendly river cruise ship on Europe’s rivers.

She will be the first river cruise ship in Europe to generate electricity from exhaust heat.

Key features include:

● The ship is hybrid powered and features an ‘E-motion’ concept that combines a diesel engine with an electric motor, powered by batteries. A key element of this system is the ability to store any extra energy generated by the diesel engine in the batteries and call up on it when needed. This process is known as ‘peak shaving’ and will ensure the ship runs as efficiently as possible at all times.

● A-ROSA SENA will be the first river cruise ship in Europe to be fitted with an exhaust heat recovery system that enables it to generate electricity from exhaust heat. This energy is then stored in the ship’s batteries for use when required, ensuring both waste energy and emissions are kept to a minimum.

● The ship has an optimised hull, to reduce friction and thus energy consumption.

● In addition, any exhaust gases that are produced by the diesel engine will be treated with a SCR catalytic converter/particle filter. This means the ship will be able to significantly reduce emissions as it will capture at least 75% of the nitrogen oxides (NOx), and over 90% of the Particulate Matter (PM).

The combination of all these features working together will allow the ship to efficiently manage its energy consumption and reduce emissions when cruising. A-ROSA SENA can switch to battery power when arriving and departing ports enabling it to enter and leave emission-free and almost silently. While docked, the ship will connect to shore power, further bolstering the battery charge.

Focusing on keeping the rivers clean, A-ROSA SENA will feature a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant on board, using membrane technology. This enables the waste water on board to be purified in an elaborate process and the waste produced is disposed of in the ports by specialist companies.

As with all A-ROSA ships, disposable plastic is avoided wherever possible throughout the ship including the cabins, bar, restaurants and SPA-ROSA and all disposable products have been removed or replaced by sustainable alternatives.

Furthermore, A-ROSA SENA is equipped with water dispensers, allowing guests to refill fresh glass bottles as often as they wish. Like the rest of the fleet, A-ROSA SENA will operate an efficient waste management system with any waste produced handed over to certified partners in selected ports.

Joerg Eichler, CEO of A-ROSA River Cruises comments: “Sustainability is key for A-ROSA as we look to protect the rivers we sail through for future generations. A-ROSA SENA demonstrates our commitment in this area and we are so proud that we are leading the way with some incredible features that make this ship the most climate-friendly river cruise ship in Europe.”

(A-ROSA River Cruises)


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