Port of Tallinn’s year in review: achievements and important events

Port of Tallin (New terminal credit Kaupo Kalda - Port of Tallin)While in the summer of 2020 no cruise ships visited Tallinn due to the spread of the coronavirus, from July to October 2021, 45 cruise ships visited Tallinn. This is a sign that cruise tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the corona crisis, is gradually recovering.

Reopening of the Tallinn-Stockholm route
The Covid-19 crisis that began in 2020 closed many connections with Tallinn, including daily cruises to Stockholm. However, the summer of 2021 brought relief to the crisis, and at the beginning of July the Tallinn-Stockholm route was reopened. In six months, nearly 200,000 passengers have already travelled between the two capitals.

Port of Tallinn opened a new cruise terminal and promenade
In July a new smart and green cruise terminal and a 850-meter-long rooftop promenade were opened in Tallinn. The Port of Tallinn took numerous steps during construction to ensure the environmental sustainability of the new terminal. Energy requirements come from solar panels tailored to suit the Nordic climate, and the facility is heated by sea power using a heat pump. These decisions allow the facility to also operate outside the cruise season – hosting events, concerts, and conferences. The new terminal makes the capital of Estonia and all the city has to offer more accessible – the aim is that all tourists leave with a safe and unforgettable travel experience and that cruise lines are able to reduce their environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly port facilities.

The nearly kilometer-long rooftop promenade, which connects the seafront with the Cultural Kilometer, has opened up the harbour area for the leisure time of citizens of Tallinn. The promenade has plenty of seating areas, an Ocean 11 restaurant, a children’s playground and exercise area.

Admiral Bridge
On August 24th, we opened a pedestrian bridge connecting the shore areas of Terminals A and D in the Old City Harbour. As a result of a name competition the bridge was named the Admiral Bridge. The new bridge makes the Old City Harbour area more open and welcoming to everyone. The Admiral Bridge, built across the canal of the Admiralty Basin, is a unique reversible bridge in Estonia.

Five ships can use shore power in Old City Harbour
From July 1st 2021, Tallink Group’s passenger ships Silja Europa and Baltic Queen can use shore power while standing at the quay in Tallinn’s Old City Harbour. Previously, the shore power connection in Old City Harbour was established for Tallinn-Helsinki route ships, Viking XPRS and Victoria I. Thus, by the end of 2021, there were five ships connected to the shore power system while staying in the Old City Harbour. The usage of shore power in Old City Harbour is an important step towards more sustainable operations, which will ensure a cleaner living environment in Tallinn and reduce the noise generated by the ships’ machinery.

(Port of Tallin)


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