Virgin Voyages has announced a cabin stateroom update on the “Scarlet Lady” and the “Valiant Lady”

Named Cruise Critic’s best new ship for 2021, Virgin Voyages’ “Scarlet Lady” offers a dynamic cabin design with intelligent, evolving architecture.

Both Scarlet and the brand’s second ship, “Valiant Lady”, feature an impressive 1,330 cabins and 78 RockStar Quarters with 86 percent of cabins offering a balcony and 93 percent featuring unparalleled ocean views.

Between custom Seabeds, specially engineered for Virgin Voyages, rain showers and ambient lighting to fit any mood — be it “Pump Me Up” or “Zen” — Virgin Voyages’ cabins are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern Sailors.

In a move to elevate the design even further, Virgin Voyages is refreshing its cabins on both Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady, bringing a warmer energy and more sophisticated feel.

Building on the nautical nature of the ships, the refreshed interiors feature beautiful wooden beams and additional wood finishings along with handpicked artwork that embodies Virgin Voyages’ playful and contemporary nature.

The Seabed and the incredible sea views continue to be focal points of the cabin, urging the design team to keep the nautical stripes ever present in the decorative throw pillows. Increased drawers and storage space round out refresh, perfect for Valiant Lady’s seven-night European itineraries.

More than half of the cabins have been completed on Scarlet Lady with the project slated to wrap in the spring. Valiant Lady’s cabins will be complete before she enters service this March from the UK.

(Virgin Voyages)


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