MedCruise welcomes the re-opening of cruise and ferry between Greek and all Turkish ports

MedCruise (Logo)On the 1st of October 2021, MedCruise was pleased to communicate the re-establishment of cruise itineraries between Greece, Galataport Istanbul and Kusadasi, Turkey, as a result of the decision of the Greek Government to remove the health restrictions.

Further to continued and consistent work, as a second stage, the restrictions have been lifted up for all the Turkish ports and for the ferry activities too.

Today, MedCruise is pleased to communicate the re-establishment of cruise and ferry itineraries between Greece and all Turkish ports.

“MedCruise is happy for this development! Following strong collaboration with all stakeholders, we are pleased to communicate this news, which comes right on time for the cruise ports and cruise lines to organise the season ahead, while following all public health protection processes and guidelines. ”

“Needless to remind that the scientific support of the European Union’s Healthy Gateways joint action team, headed by Prof. Christos Hadjichristodoulou coupled with CLIA Europe, the cruise lines, and MedCruise were all instrumental for this positive outcome.”

“We, as MedCruise, will continue to develop activities and similar campaigns to support each and all of its members, facilitating the safety and sustainable growth of cruise activities in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas“, states MedCruise President Ms Figen Ayan.



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