Oceanwide Expeditions announces Antarctica 2023-24 program. 2023-24 Antarctic season to be one of Oceanwide’s most ambitious yet

Plancius in AntarcticaDutch polar tour operator Oceanwide Expeditions has opened its Antarctica 2023-24 program for bookings, including in the program some of its most ambitious itineraries to date.

Both classic expeditions and all-new voyages make up the 2023-24 season, which offers numerous trips for returning explorers as well as travelers discovering Antarctica for the first time.

Among the program’s many highlights are wildlife cruises that seek out prime hotspots for viewing exotic species, exploratory voyages that emphasize rarely visited areas, and outdoor activities that immerse guests in some of Earth’s most remote and wild locations.

The remote Weddell Sea, Wilkins Ice Shelf, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and iconic Antarctic Peninsula are all possibilities – along with our classic Basecamp cruises.

(Oceanwide Expeditions)


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