UnCruise Adventures Announces “Break Up with Boring” Brand Campaign to Unleash the Un-Ordinary in Everyone

Break Up with the Bored Room, Create Adventure | UnCruise Adventures

Small ship cruise line UnCruise Adventures today announced its 2022 integrated ad campaign to inspire future travelers to break up with the ordinary.

The campaign amplifies the success of the brand’s [F]UnCruise adventure ingredient that differentiates them from other small ship operations. From an updated look and feel to exceptional WAVE season offers, the brand delivers what travelers want with small group adventures.

The playful video and ad creatives will appear across online and streaming video, connected TV, digital partnerships, audio, podcast, and social channels, along with key media partners and other targeted ad properties.

Continuing into 2022 with travel variables, UnCruise Adventures recognizes people want to come back to life with connections and real moments in travel. The brand campaign invites travelers to create their own breakup with boring moments of self-expression and share them with the hashtag #breakupwithboring in their social media.

“We live and breathe our guest’s experience and believe in the adventures we share with them,” said UnCruise Adventures, CEO, Dan Blanchard. “This campaign celebrates our adventure product and our brand’s strong comeback in 2021 as a small business, now even stronger in 2022. We want to bring ‘break up with boring’ to life. It’s something that reinforces what we believe in and what people experience in our adventures, every single time.”

According to Market Research, the adventure tourism market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 26.7% through 2030, making soft adventure travel among one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market. UnCruise Adventures recognizes the global market and as a leader in small ship adventures, they choose to shift the paradigm, meeting their guests where they are in the market. This encourages them to see everyday events as an inspiration where they can share their own adventures.

The new campaign had a soft roll out last month and will implement more campaign engagement opportunities, video releases, and news throughout 2022. These will connect adventure travelers with a cohesive message that continues to resonate as people increase their travel, much of it in their own back yard with U.S. destinations. UnCruise Adventures is the ultimate travel companion that embodies adventure with a small footprint, breaking away from the ordinary.

Break Up with Boring serves as the perfect empowering message for 2022 in an upbeat and uplifting way, when travelers are ready for adventure.

“We want guests to feel confident in their small ship experience and feel supported every step of their journey. We do not just engage in the possibilities of travel; we engage in the realities of future travel. With UnCruise Adventures you’re just one adventure away from breaking up with boring.” said Blanchard.

(UnCruise Adventures)


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