Welcoming Crotone to the GPH Network: Crotone signs four-year concession agreement with Global Ports

GPH - Global Ports Holding (Logo)Global Ports Holding, the world’s largest independent cruise port operator, is pleased to announce that, it has signed a concession agreement with the Port Authority System of the South Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas (ports of Gioia Tauro, Corigliano, Crotone, Palmi and Vibo Valentia) for a 4-year renewable concession to manage the services for cruise passengers in the Port of Crotone, Italy.

GPH will use its global expertise and operating model to manage the cruise port operations in Crotone. As part of the concession, GPH will invest in improving systems, equipment and technology to improve the operational performance of the cruise port and to ensure environmental protections and safety and security programs.

Crotone is located in one of the most fascinating territories of Calabria region, in the southern tip of the Italian boot. Enclosed between the clear waters of the Ionian Sea and the green woods of its parks, the city is known, among other things, for its strong bond with Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher, who moved there in 513 BC and there placed his school, contributing to the growth of the new polis to the point of making it the capital of a confederation of Magna Graecia cities.

H. Emre Sayin, CEO Global Ports Holding commented; “With the addition of Crotone Cruise Port, we strengthen our presence in Italy, as well as in the Med. The beautiful city of Crotone, with its strategic location that is equidistant from the ports of Taranto, Catania and Corfu, fits perfectly into the Central-Med itineraries. And through this collaboration, we look forward to transforming Crotone to its fullest potential.”

Crotone Cruise Port manages the cruise terminal of Crotone, located on the Riva quay, offering transit, inter-porting and homeporting operations to small to medium sized cruise ships, as well as an increasingly wide range of ancillary services. Expected to welcome c24k passengers in 2022, Crotone Cruise Port offers unique experiences all year round in a naturalistically and archaeologically precious location, a little-known jewel suitable for those who love rare pearls.

(Global Ports Holding)


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