Amawaterways And Town Of Vilshofen, Germany Celebrate 14 Years Of Partnership During New Dock Christening

Amawaterways And Town Of Vilshofen, Germany Celebrate 14 Years Of Partnership During New Dock Christening (Image - April 2022)Noting its longstanding relationship with the town of Vilshofen, Germany, AmaWaterways proudly joined with local dignitaries to celebrate the christening of the town’s new dock, “Donauwelle” (Danube Wave), on March 26.

As the first river cruise line to stop in this small Bavarian town in 2008, AmaWaterways has cultivated a strong partnership with the local community over the past 14 years, hosting nine christenings for its ships and creating special relationships with the town’s residents.

With more than 200 calls planned this year, the luxury river cruise line was pleased to collaborate with the local community and celebrate the realization of this project, which will provide a more comfortable setting for the embarking and disembarking of guests throughout the years to come.

“Providing support to the local communities we visit has been so important to AmaWaterways since starting the company almost 20 years ago,” said Rudi Schreiner, co-founder and vice president of AmaWaterways. “It was an honor for us to celebrate the new dock with the town dignitaries, represented by both current and past mayors, as they have been such an integral part of AmaWaterways’ story over the years.”

The christening ceremony featured speeches from local dignitaries including Vilshofen Mayor Florian Gams and former Mayors Hans Gschwendtner and Georg Krenn, along with a blessing by Priest Lothar Zehrer.

AmaWaterways Co-Owners Rudi Schreiner and Kristin Karst were invited to the podium followed by ASTA President Zane Kerby who spoke about the important role that a community plays in the successful development of tourism and the excitement surrounding the relaunch of travel in 2022.

Local guests, joined by the ASTA travel advisors on board AmaMagna, were greeted by festive entertainment on the new dock by the Iglbacher Musicians who perform at the river cruise line’s exclusive Oktoberfest celebrations.

“Being from Germany, Vilshofen holds such a special place in my heart and we were so pleased to be able to share this celebration with our valued travel partners participating in ASTA’s President’s Cruise,” said Kristin Karst, co-founder and executive vice president of AmaWaterways. “We truly value the relationship that we have built with the community over the years and look forward to the exceptionally warm welcome our guests receive from the local guides, shop owners and residents every time we visit!”

AmaWaterways first started docking in Vilshofen in 2008 and since that time, has helped put the town on the European map of river cruising ports, working with local business leaders to encourage development of interesting sites and shops for guests. Since its first year docking in Vilshofen, AmaWaterways began working with the mayor and community to provide exclusive Oktoberfest celebrations for its guests.

Over the years the tradition has grown, with AmaWaterways now hosting over 200 Oktoberfest celebrations this year complete with local German beers, authentic pretzels, Bavarian folk music and dancing.

Featuring an overhead protection and a larger deck, capable of fitting the innovative, double-width AmaMagna, the new dock is ideally suited to accommodate the festive Oktoberfest celebration put on for each of AmaWaterways’ sailings, along with other festivals including “Danube in Flames” and the town’s charming Christmas Markets, brimming with winter magic and festive holiday traditions.

AmaWaterways has developed several different Danube itineraries all with overnight stops in Vilshofen, including Magna on the Danube, Romantic Danube and Melodies of the Danube. In addition, Vilshofen has hosted nine christenings of new AmaWaterways ships, the first of which was AmaLyra in 2009.



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