Inaugural sailing of the A-ROSA SENA pushed back. E-Motion Ship starts cruising a week later

A-Rosa Cruises' A-ROSA SENA (Credit: Concordia Damen)Due to delays related to COVID-19 during the final commissioning phase, the inaugural sailing of the A-ROSA SENA will be slightly pushed back.

Instead of 21 May 2022, as originally planned, the ship will now visit the most beautiful cities along the northern Rhine starting 28 May 2022. All affected guests are being contacted and will be offered attractive re-booking options.

Like so many businesses, A-ROSA has been affected by the present situation regarding Covid-19 and supply chain challenges. Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases amongst shipyard employees, suppliers and service providers and the shortness of certain supplies, which has only been intensified by the war in Ukraine, the completion of the vessel has been unexpectedly delayed.

(A-Rosa Cruises)


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