Pandaw Cruises announces New 2023 dates for the 10 night Laos Mekong expedition

The Sabaidee Pandaw “We are pleased to announce that from January 2023 we will activate a third ship, the Sabaidee Pandaw, on our ten night Laos river expedition from Vientiane to Chiang Saen” announces Pandaw Cruises.

“Anticipating a post Covid slow down we had been deliberately cautious and had only offered the Laos Pandaw and Champa Pandaw ships on this very adventurous route. However these are more or less full up now so will prepare the 14 cabin Sabaidee for a relaunch then”.

“The 10 night Laos Mekong offers probably the most exciting river expedition anywhere with its fast waters cutting through rocky gorges, towering mountains and rich forests. There is so much human interest as well with stops in tribal villages to a couple of days amongst the Buddhist shrines of Luang Prabang”.

10 NIGHTS FROM US$3,924.00 – MEMBERS FROM US$3,488.00

Enjoy a three country expedition as we will traverse Laos to touch Thailand and Burma at the once notorious Golden Triangle. From Vientiane, the old French capital, and so redolent of L’Indochine Pandaw will be the first river expedition since pre war days to cross all Laos. We stop two nights at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang with its dazzling wood carved monasteries and then on deep into the mountains, through rapids and gorges on our high powered little Pandaw. Visit tribal villages and explore into jungle and countryside.

(Pandaw Cruises)


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