Holland America Line Partners with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to Promote State’s Tastiest Natural Resource

An Holland America ship at Halibut Point Marine - Sitka, Alaska  (Courtesy Halibut Point Marine Services LLC - CLIA)In celebration of 75 years exploring Alaska, Holland America Line is partnering with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) to highlight the line’s leadership and commitment to sustainably sourced local seafood.

The first formal partnership of its kind between ASMI, a partnership between the state of Alaska and Alaska’s fishing industry, and a major cruise line will highlight Holland America Line’s use of Alaska seafood exclusively on all six ships serving the Great Land.

ASMI and Holland America Line will bring guests up close to the riches of the Alaska waterways and the stories of the people behind the fish, from fishermen and women to processors to chefs. Future programming initiatives include recipe development in concert with Holland America Line’s award-winning Culinary Council – a collection of elite, international celebrity chefs who bring global influence to dedicated dining experiences across its fleet – in-destination video content, onboard Alaska Seafood trivia and recipes from council Chef Ethan Stowell.

Full story at PRNewswire

(Holland America Line)


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