Right to forced use of Havila Capella. Hordaland District Court granted Havila Kystruten arrest in Havila Capella, and the right to forced use for a period of up to 2 years

Havila Capella“We are of course very pleased with this decision from Hordaland District Court, which gives us the opportunity to put Havila Capella back into operation along the Norwegian coast as soon as insurance of the ship is finally clarified,” says CEO Bent Martini.

“This is a very important decision for Havila Kystruten, for the coastal community and for all our employees who look forward to contributing to memorable experiences for our travelers.”

Havila Kystruten follows up the ruling from Hordaland District Court with getting the ship insured, so that Havila Capella can be put back into normal operation.

“We have worked with various alternatives to get Havila Capella back into operation, also on a political level, and we are very happy that we have now found a solution that allows us to operate the ship if we get the insurance in place, until we take over the ownership of the ship,” says Martini.

Havila Kystruten will return with more information about insurance and possible sailing start for Havila Capella.

(Havila Kystruten)


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