Helsinki Shipyard Oy announces the successful acquisition of the “SH Vega” by Swan Hellenic

Sister ship Swan Hellenic's SH Minerva (Courtesy Helsinki Shipyard & Swan Hellenic - December 2021)

Helsinki Shipyard Oy, having received bids for the auction of the NB 517 announces that Swan Hellenic has been awarded the tender.

Helsinki Shipyard has exercised the right to sell the ship by tender, envisaged by the shipbuilding contract, after original buyer failed to take the delivery of the ship. The auction that ended at midnight on Friday, June 24, was satisfactory for Helsinki Shipyard, which analysed the bids and declared Swan Hellenic the winner.

The ship as anticipated will be delivered to Swan Hellenic as soon as all registry formalities in Bahamas will be completed and Swan Hellenic becomes the sole owner of SH Vega.

The vessel will start operating on the Arctic as scheduled in the second half of July.

Simo Rastas, Helsinki Shipyard’s acting CEO says: “The shipyard is satisfied that bids were received and the auction was carried out efficiently on schedule.”

(Helsinki Shipyard, Swan Hellenic)


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