Where Did the Green Cruise Ships Go? – 100% of Cruise Ships Have COVID-19 Cases

As of this weekend, 100% of the cruise ships tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are sailing with cruise guests and/or crew members who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Cruise Ship COVID-19 Dashboard maintained by the CDC shows that of the ninety-six (96) cruise ships tracked by the CDC, six (6) cruise ships have cases of COVID-19 which are below the threshold for CDC investigation and eighty-eight (88) cruise ships with cases which have met the CDC’s threshold for investigation.

The CDC’s dashboard shows zero cruise ships with no COVID-19 or COVID-19-like cases. To repeat, there are absolutely no cruise ships designated as “green” by the CDC.

Full story at https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2022/06/articles/disease/where-did-the-green-cruise-ships-go-100-of-cruise-ships-have-covid-19-cases/


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