Inaugural River Cruise Magazine. “Antara – The River Cruise Magazine” is ready for release

Ganges Voyager II“We’re excited to announce that the first issue of “Antara – The River Cruise Magazine” is ready for release”, announces Antara River Cruises.

This new quarterly magazine, hitting newsstands & inboxes starting July 2022, will feature diverse stories & fresh perspectives from the waterways across South Asia.

“Ever since we reintroduced river cruising to India we’ve been passionate about sharing new types of riparian experiences & destinations discovery. When it comes to magazines covering river cruises, there hasn’t been a dedicated place to share the stories of peoples & places along our waterways”.

“Our goal is to create a publication that explores the beating heart of Indian waterways, to showcase a different side of untouched landscapes & hidden locales. Antara – the river cruise magazine is a place for all readers, from the curious to the connoisseur, to be dazzled by the diversity & richness of South Asia’s waterways.”

Read the Magazine:

(Antara River Cruises)


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