Lindblad Expeditions Deploys FPV Drones to Capture Spectacular Fly-Through Tour of their New Ship “National Geographic Islander ll”

National Geographic Islander II FPV Ship Tour | Galápagos Islands | Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions has just produced a spectacular new fly-through video of their newest ship in their fleet on a virtual tour unlike any other.

Follow their drone as it soars over, around, and through every nook and cranny of the elegant National Geographic Islander ll in Galapagos—from the welcoming indoor/outdoor dining areas to the spacious guest suites to the high-tech Science Hub.

The thrilling video was captured using customized FPV drones typically used for racing. These drones are small and fast demanding pilots to wear goggles with a live feed to make quick turns and maneuvers —and require a great deal of training and experience.

With a short 10-hour production window in Galapagos to complete the mission, company Dream Beach Media captured a unique perspective navigating typically hard spaces where traditional drones cannot fly. Racing through the entire ship, the result was the ultimate ship tour video and a great visual tool for the pioneering expedition travel company.

(Lindblad Expeditions)


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