Climate Warriors: Last Chance Opportunity For Travelers to Apply to Attend. In a world-first, Aurora Expeditions and ‘Hero of the Planet’ Dr. Sylvia Earle will host an Antarctic Climate Expedition in 2023

Antarctic Climate Expedition 2023 – Dr Sylvia Earle

Aurora Expeditions, Australia’s award-winning travel adventure company, is offering one final opportunity to join the world-first Antarctic Climate Expedition sailing Feb. 13 – 24, 2023, led by renowned oceanographer, marine biologist, explorer and conservationist Dr. Sylvia Earle aboard the new Sylvia Earle vessel.

Registrations for the ‘by-invitation’ Climate Summit are required by Oct. 28, 2022. Aurora Expeditions welcomes expressions of interest from visionaries of all walks of life, from teenagers to titans of industry, with interests in the fields of science, art, education and economics to contribute to this momentous expedition.

In partnership with Dr. Earle and Ocean Geographic, the expedition’s mission is to address the warming climate and loss of ice in the southern polar region. As a part of the expedition, members will develop creative strategies to radically reduce carbon emissions and help to formulate 23 resolutions to inspire transformative chances for global net-zero emissions by 2035.

Limited to 110 expedition passengers from around the world, voyagers will join conservationists, high-profile personalities and ocean luminaries to raise public and government awareness of the splendor and importance of the Antarctic.

“This will be a climate expedition like no other. One that can have a real impact on the future of our relationship with life on Earth,” said Dr. Earle.

The pivotal 12-day Antarctic Climate Expedition starts on Feb. 13, 2023, with two nights and a full-day collaborative conference in Ushuaia, Argentina followed by a nine-day voyage on board Aurora Expeditions’ latest ship, the Sylvia Earle, and ends with a post-voyage night in Punta Arenas, Chile.

“The outcomes and photographic / video footage from this game-changing expedition aim to enlighten the way people see and understand the Antarctic, encouraging them to be a part of the solution and to help change the trajectory of our blue planet, ” said Hayley Peacock-Gower, chief marketing officer, Aurora Expeditions. “We invite travelers to be part of this far-reaching legacy that helps bring about a sustainable planet. This is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and majesty of Antarctica, in the company of Dr. Earle and her special guests.”

“February 2023 will be a moment in time of a gathering of great minds, a brains trust, for commitments to resolve what it takes to move from where we are now to a better future,” says Dr. Earle. “This can be your legacy; you can help change the current course from a catastrophic outcome to a healthy, habitable planet. Please do this for the next generation, for the future of humanity.”

The Sylvia Earle is the ideal ‘base camp’ for adventures at the outer limits of human exploration. The ship has everything travelers need to maximize comfort and relaxation while making enriching discoveries. The ship also features a modern lecture lounge, a Citizen Science Center, multiple observation areas, Zodiac launching platforms, mud room, gym, spa and wellness center. Every stateroom features an ocean view and nearly all include balconies.

Named in honor of Dr. Earle, the new purpose-built ship is designed for discovery to the most remote and beautiful places on Earth. Its revolutionary ULSTEIN X-BOW® also allows the ship to cross oceans more comfortably and efficiently.

Other outcomes will include a series of lectures, expedition white paper, a feature documentary, global photography exhibition and a book launching from April 2023.

About Dr. Sylvia Earle
Fondly referred to as ‘Her Deepness’, Dr. Earle is the recipient of more than 100 honors and awards for her lifetime commitment to ocean conservation. The first female Chief Scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, she is a National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence and was named by Time magazine as its first ‘Hero for the Planet’ in 1998. Her key conservation initiative Mission Blue is creating a global network of marine protected areas – known as ‘Hope Spots’ – and her new Deep Hope project is working to deliver two world-first, state-of-the-art and deep-dive submersibles to collect crucial scientific data of as-yet undiscovered ocean depths.

(Aurora Expeditions)


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