High Rolling Cruisers Win: drvn Partners with Carnival to Offer Seamless Chauffeuring Services

Carnival Corporation & plc  (logo)drvn, the global logistics technology and chauffeur service company, has partnered with Carnival Corporation to create a private label ground transportation management portal to serve their elite casino guests when booking private chauffeur service.

The partnership allows Carnival to use drvn’s expertise in customer service-forward tech solutions to complex logistics encompassing all aspects of curating a unique ground travel experience before and after cruising. Carnival now offloads its ground travel coordination workflow and workload onto the drvn platform in one single click.

“Drvn’s tailored and private label solution has lowered Carnival’s operating costs and activities while improving consumer satisfaction from start to finish — simply by doing what we do best,” said Mario Medina, CEO of drvn.

Full story https://www.travelprofessionalnews.com/high-rolling-cruisers-win-drvn-partners-with-carnival-corporation-to-offer-seamless-chauffeuring-services-to-elite-clientele/

(Carnival Corporation & plc, drvn)


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