Aurora Expeditions Releases Its “Arctic & Beyond 2024” Program

Aurora Expeditions (Logo)Travel company, Aurora Expeditions, has released its latest Arctic & Beyond 2024 program featuring multi-destination voyages and experiences in some of the most remote and remarkable places on the planet.

The newly expanded schedule showcases a variety of unique expedition and discovery voyages, along with trekking adventures and special guests who will deliver the natural wonders of the polar regions and beyond, from Greenland to Patagonia.

Aurora Expeditions offers travelers up to a 25 percent savings when booking an Arctic or global destination prior to Dec. 31, 2022. They can save up to 10 percent when booking back-to-back voyages.

“Our expert Expedition Teams have been sharing their knowledge and understanding of the Arctic and Antarctic for more than 30 years,” said Aurora Expeditions Chief Marketing Officer, Hayley Peacock-Gower. “Our new Arctic and Beyond 2024 program continues to deliver the best of the polar regions as well as multiple destinations in warmer waters.”

New, enhanced and reintroduced itineraries include a 15-day Patagonia and Chilean Fjords expedition; 11-day Circumnavigation of Iceland; 15-day sailing in Costa Rica and the Panama Canal; 12-day Wild Scotland adventure, and a 17-day Greenland Odyssey.

Polar expeditions in 2024 will travel across the Arctic Circle to Svalbard, Spitsbergen and the Northern Lights, and voyages into the fabled Northwest Passage, along with Aurora’s immersive expeditions in Antarctica.

Aurora’s two state-of-the-art, purpose-built expedition small ships – the Greg Mortimer, launched in 2019 and brand-new sister ship, the Sylvia Earle debuting in December 2022 – are designed for education and enrichment to create lifelong ambassadors for the planet.

“The 2024 Arctic & Global program is designed with the intention of building on our existing strengths and leveraging our expertise in the polar regions by sending two ships up to the Arctic,” said Aurora Expeditions Global Head of Product, Justin Ewin. “Having just completed a successful Arctic and Global season, we have taken the opportunity to make exciting enhancements to some of our 2024 itineraries.”

A unique Founder’s Voyage, led by acclaimed explorer Greg Mortimer, and a Special Guests program covering photography, history, archaeology, conservation, art and Inuit communities, will add to Aurora’s education and enrichment offerings.

“Our greatest desire is for our passengers to disembark richer for the experience and as an ambassador for the good of our fragile planet,” added Peacock-Gower.

(Aurora Expeditions)


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