American Queen Voyages™ Announces All-Inclusive Fare Updates for 2023. River Cruise Line Offers New Bundled Pricing and Travel Agent-Enhanced Commission Opportunities

American Queen Voyages (Logo)American Queen Voyages (AQV) announced updates to the all-inclusive fare offerings. The new convenient pricing structure will feature inclusion of port charges, taxes, services fees and onboard crew gratuities as part of the American Queen Voyages all-inclusive fares beginning Jan. 2, 2023.

Travel agents will also earn commission on previously non-commissionable fees (NCFs) as an opportunity to increase earnings.

“At American Queen Voyages, our ultimate goal is to deliver a cut-above experience for our guests before they even step foot aboard our vessels,” said Cindy D’Aoust, President of American Queen Voyages.

“To do this, we are rolling out extra inclusions at one bundled price to create the overall best cost point and financial transparency for our highly-valued guests. After listening to feedback from our travel partners, we knew this new pricing structure was the best way to bundle port charges, taxes, service fees and gratuities into one advertised fare, while offering an increased commission opportunity to our valued cruise travel agents.”

New All-Inclusive Fares Best for Guests
The new all-inclusive fares are structured to offer guests an added convenience of bundling incremental travel costs, offering a complete view of the total cruise package price without hidden fare surprises. With nearly everything included in one bundled price, the only additional expenses for AQV guests, while on board, will be optional premium shore excursions, top-shelf alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, and boutique purchases.

The line has additional plans to continue to elevate services to deliver deeper discoveries and experiences for travelers including enhancements to AQV’s signature American Duchess vessel planned for next year.

New All-Inclusive Fares Enhanced for Travel Agents
With the ultimate goal to deliver a cut-above experience for each guest before they set sail, the American Queen Voyages team created the bundled pricing structure after learning from travel partners that customers want a convenient all-in-one price package for their trip. As many of the fees now offered in bundled pricing often fall into the category of NCFs for travel agents, the revised fare structure will allow for enhanced commissions and earning potential.

(American Queen Voyages)


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