Nature documentary “Sounds of the South” now available to stream

Sounds of the South – Official Trailer

“Sounds of the South” is a nature documentary by filmmaker Hubert Neufeld that follows Dutch musician Ruben Hein’s voyage into Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic, some of the most beautiful and seabird-rich regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

During a 22-night trip through the Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctica Peninsula, Hein experiences locations and wildlife that impact him in ways he could not anticipate, inspiring compositions that can be heard in the film itself.

Dutch musician Ruben Hein’s love for nature and wildlife has always been central to his creativity. But when he decided to visit Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic, some of the wildest regions on the planet, he had no way to know how deeply the experience would impact him.

(Sounds of the South, Oceanwide Expeditions)


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