Aurora Expeditions Releases The Ultimate 2023 Bucket List Travel Guide. Aurora Expeditions’ experts give their opinion on the best wild places to go, when and why

Aurora Expeditions (Logo)Award-winning expedition travel company Aurora Expeditions’ is helping simplify when and where to explore in 2023 with its informative Bucket List e-book, compiled with its Expedition Teams’ expertise.

Highlighting the ideal time to discover wild and pristine destinations or exceptional phenomena each month, the free Bucket List book includes travel hacks, immersive experience tips and wondrous wildlife encounters. It is an inspirational guide derived from Aurora’s world-class and passionate experts for adventure seekers looking to become ambassadors for the planet.

Readers looking to book the trip of their lifetime will receive savings of up to 20% when booking by Feb. 28, 2023.

The Bucket List book provides interesting facts, such as March being the optimal time to see whales in Antarctica. Aurora is one of the few ships still in the area during this time, enabling travelers to experience the real Antarctica. Meanwhile, April is ideal for a journey through the fabled Panama Canal and is best experienced during a rare daylight crossing to marvel at this man-made waterway.

Many of Aurora Expeditions’ Expedition Team have been guides with the company for over 10 years – several for over 20 years. All Aurora’s guides have decades of expertise in history, geology, wildlife, oceanography and glaciology, to list a few – each gathering research, expanding their knowledge and collecting a few anecdotes en route.

“Aurora’s guide experience is imperative for ensuring passengers have a safe, fascinating, enriching and enjoyable adventure,” said Hayley Peacock Gower, Aurora Expeditions’ Chief Marketing Officer. “Our guides’ invaluable tips, expertise and insights have culminated in this informative and practical guide to expedition travel.”

“Aurora Expeditions’ focus continues to be on education and conservation, our goal is to immerse our expeditioners in some of the world’s most hidden and spell-binding places in a relaxed and fun onboard setting,” continues Peacock Gower. “Our highly experienced Expedition Team will be leading and enriching our passengers while they experience myriad excursions by water and land, with enthralling activities ranging from Zodiac cruises to walks and hikes, sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, photography, wildlife watching, camping and snowshoeing. All under the guidance of our Expedition Team, while creating lifelong ambassadors for the planet.”

Excerpts from this informative guide include:

“People usually go to Svalbard hoping to see polar bears and walruses, but it can be the boisterous cliffs filled with jostling seabirds that takes their breath away.”Dr Roger Kirkwood, Expedition Leader and Naturalist.

“You will inevitably have an encounter with curious seals, penguins or be lucky enough to swim with a whale. If this is not enough to entice you to the great white continent, the magical textures and shapes of underwater icebergs will definitely leave you speechless!”Edwin Sargeant, Diving Guide

“There are no words to describe the feeling of reaching the top of a snowy slope and looking down into a bay filled with icebergs and penguin rookeries! To reach somewhere that would have been unattainable is a great feeling!”Tarn Pilkington, Climbing Guide

“March is ‘late-season’ for voyages to Antarctica: night times grow out of the endless summer days; the air freshens; dustings of snow can cover the land, and the sea surface can freeze with a thin crust of ice. Most other ships have left the scene, so all landing sites are available. It’s fantastic – you have the real Antarctica, and you have it all to yourself.”Dr Roger Kirkwood, Expedition Leader & Naturalist

(Aurora Expeditions)


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