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Atlas Ocean Voyages Presents “The Making of At Last… Atlas”

Atlas Ocean Voyages – ‘The Making of At Last… Atlas’

Following the release of Atlas Ocean Voyages’ new At Last… Atlas campaign, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and actress Ashley Támar and Atlas President Alberto Aliberti and Vice President of Sales and Trade Partnerships Brandon Townsley share their insights about the campaign’s centerpiece video. (more…)

Azamara to Launch ‘Masterclass Series’ to Support Travel Advisors

Azamara (Logo)Azamara is launching a new masterclass series of on-demand videos aimed at supporting its travel advisor community, according to a statement from the cruise company. The series will provide “much needed destination education and sales boosting modules that will coach travel advisors to optimize their business”. (

Azamara: Connections and Destinations

Azamara (Logo)“We will get out of this (COVID-19), and when we do, this (cruising) is something people will need even more, to get that joy back in their life, to keep their minds expanding, and we will be there for them,” said Carol Cabezas, chief operating officer for Azamara. (


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Pimentel puts cruise executive shake-up in perspective

Larry Pimentel, one of the many cruise industry executives who has stepped down during the Covid-19 crisis, resigned as CEO of Azamara Cruises in April, falling on his sword to help the company “bear the impact” of job cuts, parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. chairman Richard Fain said at the time. (

Donald: Less Efficient Ships To Rotate Out of Fleet

Carnival Corporation & plc  (logo)Thirteen ships are set to leave the Carnival Corporation fleet as the world’s largest cruise company accelerates the withdrawals of less efficient vessels that were already scheduled to find new homes.“It’s not very complicated. Look, a number of ships would be rotating out over time anyway,” said CEO Arnold Donald, in an interview with Cruise Industry News. (

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