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American Cruise Lines Signs 20-Year Docking Agreement with Vicksburg, MS

American Cruise Lines (logo)American Cruise Lines announced today that it has signed a new 20 year docking agreement with the city of Vicksburg, MS. The new agreement was finalized yesterday by City officials and includes a financial contribution from American Cruise Lines for improvements to the docking area as well as funding for beautification of the facility. (more…)

Celebrating The 4th of July Coast-to-Coast with American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines (logo)This Independence Day, American Cruise Lines has its entire fleet of new small ships sailing America’s magnificent rivers, coastlines, and waterways from “sea to shining sea!” All the Line’s cruises over the 4th of July will host onboard celebrations and arrive in port cities across the U.S. in time for local celebrations. (more…)

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