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Expedition cruise industry prepares for safe reopening – 62 participants representing 38 member organizations attended AECO’s digital Annual General Meeting

AECO (Logo)62 participants representing 38 member organizations attended AECO’s digital Annual General Meeting, held on Wednesday October 20. While the pandemic has limited expedition cruising in the Arctic, AECO and the industry has been keeping busy strengthening industry practices. (more…)

Report from Joint Arctic Search and Rescue Tabletop Exercise published

This week, the report from the most recent “Joint Arctic Search and Rescue Tabletop Exercise” was published. The report highlights how the skillset of expedition staff can be leveraged when establishing and evacuating passengers to a shore camp. (more…)

AECO: Tour operators’ efforts to tackle Arctic marine litter highlighted in new video

AECO's Clean Seas Project

The Arctic expedition cruise industry has vowed to leave Arctic beaches cleaner than they find them. In addition, they are working to address the problem at its source. The industry’s efforts to combat marine plastic pollution is presented in a new information video. (more…)

The Greenlandic communities of Maniitsoq and Kangerlussuaq launch tourist guidelines

AECO (Logo)The Greenlandic communities of Maniitsoq and Kangerlussuaq offer unique experiences to travelers. The two communities have now developed “Community Specific Guidelines” to help visitors understand how they can make the most of their stay while being considerate guests. (more…)

New report encourages research to support Arctic tourism management

AECO (Logo)Arctic tourism stakeholders have contributed to a report that outlines knowledge gaps and research needed to support responsible tourism management in the Arctic. The goal is to encourage researchers to undertake research that can inform decision-makers, local communities and operators in a time of increased interest in Arctic tourism. (more…)

Regulating the booming Arctic cruise industry is proving frustratingly difficult

For wealthy boomers with cash to splash, luxury doesn’t necessarily look like poolside mojitos or glistening golden sands. Instead, it might involve a boat hardened against the ice, traversing the fragile wilds of the Arctic, with the chance to encounter the cliff-face of climate change from the comfort of a five-star suite. (qz.com)

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