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Bermello Ajamil & Partners: Economic Impact & Possible Deployment Scenarios for the North American Cruise Market

Bermello Ajamil & Partners  (Logo)While the North American cruise industry continues to languish, there have been some positive signs this past week that the global cruise industry is stepping forward with more deployments of “intra-country” sailings such as those that have been underway in Singapore, Taiwan, Canary Islands, Japan, and Italy/Malta for some time. (more…)


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Bermello Ajamil & Partners (B&A) announces new Partner, VP & Director of Architecture, and participate in the “Next Generation of Port Cities World Conference”

Bermello Ajamil & Partners (B&A) has named Agustin Barrera, AIA, as Partner, Vice President, and Director of Architecture – Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean. In this new role, Barrera will report to Willy A. Bermello, Principal and Chairman of the Board. (more…)

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