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An old debate over cruise ships churns as a new ship calls Charleston Harbor home

As a new, larger cruise ship begins docking in Charleston next week, the city’s ongoing relationship with the cruise industry remains on choppy waters. While several state agencies and nonprofits are tied up in legal wrangling over permits and other issues, vendors on Market Street say more cruise ships porting near their stations are only impacting traffic, not necessarily contributing to more cash in their pockets. (postandcourier.com)


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Carnival Tops Off National Ice Cream Month With A ‘FunDay Sundae’ Celebration For Kids From Charleston’s Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

To celebrate its commitment to the greater Charleston community and to mark National Ice Cream Month, Carnival Cruise Line hosted a “FunDay Sundae” celebration on board Carnival Ecstasy yesterday (31 July) for kids from the Connie Maxwell Children’s Home in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Charleston cruise ship terminal fight back on appeals court docket

The debate over a new cruise ship terminal in Charleston’s Historic District is finally going to be heard by the state Court of Appeals – nearly three years after environmental and preservation groups filed their petition with the court. (postandcourier.com)


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Cruise ship pollution case has consequences for Charleston’s Ecstasy

The Charleston-based Carnival Ecstasy and all other cruise ships sailing under Carnival Corp.’s eight brands will be under strict environmental monitoring during the next five years – the result of an agreement between the company and federal prosecutors to end a criminal pollution case. (postandcourier.com)

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