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Cruise Planners releases list of 2023 Travel Trends. Travel industry is back in a big way and the demand is at an unprecedented rate

Cruise Planners (Logo)As we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that the travel industry is back in a big way and the demand is at an unprecedented rate. At Cruise Planners, 2022 ended on a positive note, with purchases up 15% versus 2019, which was a banner year for travel. (more…)

Cruise Planners launches innovative new tool for reservation amenity tracking to increase advisor’s efficiency and showcase their value to their clients

Cruise Planners (Logo)With the myriad of offers and promotions that are available from travel suppliers, consortia partners, Cruise Planner’s Home Office team and more, Cruise Planners has created a new tool called the Amenity Tracker. (more…)

Cruise Planners unveils new SMS texting tools for travel advisors to automate and communicate important details to clients

Cruise Planners (Logo)Cruise Planners is taking the lead again when it comes to mobile technology in the franchise travel space by launching their newest tool: an automated SMS texting program that will allow travel advisors to send various marketing communications and travel updates to their customers via text message including: (more…)

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