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New Pandaw Combo River Cruise: “The Chindwin & Nagaland”

Pandaw Expeditions

For the first time, Pandaw is offering an extended itinerary sailing the entire Chindwin river from Monywa to Nagaland. This limited 14-night expedition aboard the 10-cabin Zawgyi Pandaw combines the standard 7-night Nagaland itinerary with the 7-night Chindwin expedition giving guests a unique sailing along the Chindwin River. (more…)

Pandaw’s latest adventures: “The Great Irrawaddy Delta”

Pandaw Expeditions

One of Pandaw’s latest adventures is a voyage into the heart of the vibrant and varied delta “the rice basket of Asia” and home of the ancient Mon race. Enjoy sailing the labyrinth of waterways with their unique habitat, flora and fauna (potentially including the famous Irrawaddy dolphin and salt water crocodiles). (more…)

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