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Silversea Cruises unveiled details of the upcoming refurbishment planned for Silver Endeavour. Enhancements will include 10 new guest suites and additional crew accommodation

Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s president & CEO, takes us on a tour of Silversea’s Silver Endeavour

Following a successful inaugural season in Antarctica, Silversea’s newest expedition ship will enter the San Giorgio del Porto shipyard in Genova, Italy, on April 3, 2023, emerging with an array of enhancements that will evolve the onboard and expedition experiences for guests. (more…)

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Silver Endeavour’s new 2024/2025 voyages will take travellers to more than 125 remote destinations across Antarctica, the Arctic, the British Isles, and Iceland

Embrace New Limits Aboard Silver Endeavour

Silversea’s newest expedition ship, Silver Endeavour℠, is set to broaden ultra-luxury travel’s most diverse polar offering by accessing more than 125 of the world’s most remote, extreme destinations through summer 2024 and winter 2024/2025. (more…)

Silver Endeavour will feature four signature restaurants, offering the luxury of choice for the most discerning travellers. Silversea Cruises has revealed details on the array of dining experiences aboard its newest ship

Silver Endeavour  (Courtesy Silversea Cruises)Silversea Cruises has revealed details on the array of dining experiences aboard its newest ship Silver Endeavour℠, the world’s most luxurious expedition vessel—set to welcome guests in Antarctica from November 21, 2022. (more…)

Silversea Names Felicity Aston, The First Woman To Cross Antarctica Solo, As Godmother Of “Silver Endeavour”. Expedition ship will set sail for Antarctica on her maiden voyage on November 21, 2022

Silver Endeavour  (Courtesy Silversea Cruises)Silversea Cruises has named Felicity Aston MBE as the Godmother of its new ship Silver Endeavour. A celebrated polar explorer, author, television presenter, and climate scientist, Aston became the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica in 2012, as well as the first person to traverse the continent by muscle power alone. (more…)

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