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Swan Hellenic announces naming ceremony of its largest ship, SH Diana, to be held in Amsterdam. Valerie Ann Wilson to be Godmother of the third purpose-designed expedition cruise ship at ceremony on 4th of May 2023

Swan Hellenic's SH Vega  (February 2023)Today, Thursday the 23rd of February 2023, Swan Hellenic announced that the naming ceremony of its third and largest ice-class cultural expedition cruise ship, SH Diana, will take place in Amsterdam on the 4th of May. (more…)

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Swan Hellenic to acquire GTLK unit, SH Minerva

Swan Hellenic's SH Minerva (Courtesy Helsinki Shipyard & Swan Hellenic - December 2021)Following negotiations and discussions ongoing since September 2022 and concluded in January this year, Swan Hellenic and its Irish counsels have identified a legal mechanism that allows it to take ownership of SH Minerva by acquiring the GTLK subsidiary company which is currently the registered owner of the vessel. (more…)

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Swan Hellenic unveils 2023 season of cultural expedition cruises across 7 continents, with all three new ships in its purpose-designed fleet exploring worldwide

Swan Hellenic's SH Minerva (Courtesy Helsinki Shipyard & Swan Hellenic - December 2021)As the iconic company’s second ship, SH Vega, sails on its inaugural arctic cruise, the cultural expedition cruise pioneer reveals it’s set to return to its roots with SH Diana, its third and largest vessel, exploring sites of antiquity across the Mediterranean from 2023. (more…)

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