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Italy Proceeds With Large Ship Ban in Venice From Aug. 1

Aerial view of the Venice port (Courtesy VTP)The Italian cabinet has approved a decree banning large cruise ships from Venice. According to a press release on the official website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, from Aug. 1, large ships will no longer be able to reach Venice through the San Marco Basin, the San Marco Canal and the Giudecca Canal. (cruiseindustrynews.com)

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The truth about cruise ships in Venice

Aerial view of the Venice port (Courtesy VTP)It was the story that made waves around the world: cruise ships banned from Venice. On March 31, the Italian government issued a decree that would see cruise ships and large commercial vessels banned from the Venetian lagoon, and calling for tenders to be sought to construct a new port outside the lagoon. (edition.cnn.com)

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Will cruise ships return to Venice?

Aerial view of the Venice port (Courtesy VTP)“Work! Work! Work!” shout the baggage handlers, ship cleaners and port security guards protesting on the steps of Venice’s Santa Lucia train station. The protest formed quickly and without warning – a flash mob, designed to call urgent attention to the 6,000 Venetians who rely on the cruise industry for work. After 15 minutes they are gone. (bbc.com)

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Italian Cruise Ships Plan to Steer Clear of Venice

MSC Musica in VeniceWhen Italian cruise ships begin sailing again this weekend, one stop they won’t be making is Venice. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Venice was a popular cruise stop — its cobblestone streets swelled with approximately 32,000 passengers each day between April and October. (travelandleisure.com)

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